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Jun 15 2009, 06:56 PM
Jun 15 2009, 05:27 PM
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Jun 15 2009, 02:18 PM
Kate Roberts
1. Curtis Brown/Reed
2. Bill Horton
3. Victor Kiriakis
4. Mr. Moroni (?) in Italy
5. E.J. DiMera
6. Daniel Jonas
7. Numerous others, we're told

You forgot John Black, Nicholas Alamain, that Vitali dude, Stefano Dimera, Roman Brady and Andre DiMera (at least I think that's what Kate did in the back of that limo where she had to roll down the window and fix her skirt after getting out).

I think Kate's title as biggest slut in Salem is safe!
Kate never slept with Nicholas.
Kate didn't sleep with Andre. It was explained in a later episode that the two of them had taken a tango lesson.
How was this explained by Kate to just be a tango lesson? A tango lesson in the backseat of a limo? Is that Kate's lingo for sex from her turning tricks days?

I can't find the clip on YouTube, though I've seen it before, but here's the recap from 2003 that mentions it:


After Hope tells Lexie about the trouble with Bo and Roman earlier, Kate insists that she and Roman are no longer a couple. Tony arrives at Tuscany just as the televised police press conference begins. Abe shows a photo of Vin and asks for the public's help in finding him. Tony realizes it's the same man from Echelon and has one of his men tell Hope about him hiding at the club. Hope then runs to the station house with Lexie where Bo, Roman and Abe listen as Maria talks about Carson and Vin. Thanks to Tony's info, Bo heads to the secret room at the club and arrests Vin. Tony invites Kate back to his limo for some fun and she joins him.

As for Nicholas and Kate...

Even if they didn't do the deed officially, wasn't Kate shown fantasizing about him constantly and they still found ways to have some sexy fun times that were still a little slutty if not outright sex?

Like this scene?

Oh my, that Nicholas and Kate clip made me LOL! They were hot! And who cares if they didn't have sex, they might as well have. I think it's totally out of character they DIDN'T officially...especially since she hopped into bed with that random italian guy shortly after!
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