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I still say this show was a little dull and would've been nothing with Danielle. She was the only conflict to be found and without her we would've been stuck with Teresa as a stage mom, Dina fretting over her daughter and Caroline's idiot kids. With them all being related, it limits the conflict and stacks the deck against an outsider like Danielle. Most of the season was very slow and uneventful, but that finale was great.

Finally everything came together and something HAPPENED. The only problem is what they'll do next season TThey'll want to keep Danielle, but no one will interact with her so how will that work? With it being the highest rated series, all housewives will definitely be back. Will they add another love interest to spark interest? If the ties with Danielle remain strained it'll be difficult to make it work. Atlanta is another series that ended uncertain (due to the finantial realities of many wives) so it'll be interesting to see how that show fares.

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