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Jun 18 2009, 08:47 AM
Why even try to find logic in this f**king show!!

This storyline is a big f-u to anyone whose watched this show for more than two years.

They have just wiped away EJ's history. They started with everyone, every two or three scenes, saying how great of a guy EJ was. Kayla: Yeah, he tortured Steve but he got us a great deal on his apartment.

Then they took the rape and made it some miscommunicated love scene. If only Sami had known to move her leg to left, she wouldn't have cried.

Then they made Lucas and EJ gripey but not really hate eachother. Yeah, I know you raped my wife, destroyed my family and tried to kill me, but let's split a sandwich.

Then they brought back Will and made him have no problem with EJ.

Now they have him actually choosing EJ over Sami? WTF?

We're supposed to say its because he's angry at his mom? I don't care if my mom lied six thousand times to me, I would never chose her rapist and the guy that destroyed my family over her?

It's not logical. Its implausible that Will would be this way.

All this is to make EJ look like a victim. But I'm sorry. I don't buy it. Didn't he just commit a crime that he escaped from>

When he goes into those rants about how Sami lied to him and played God with his and his child's life... he didn't feel that way when he was trying to murder people and doing what he can to produce a Dimera spawn.

This is just another storyline pimping EJ. I'm so tired of it.

:cheer: I love this post! If I had been drinking something I would have spewed all over my computer screen. :applause: You hit all the nails on the head.
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