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Jun 17 2009, 07:34 PM
Kate's plan for revenge against Daniel and Chloe hits a snag this week, when Lucas almost eats the poisoned food that Kate prepares.

"For Kate, Chloe and Daniel are a problem that needs to be solved, and she's intent on doing that," says Lauren Koslow. Lucas almost eating the deadly treat is a momentary clog in the works, but Kate's looking at the bigger Picture."

Things get under way when Kate arranges for Daniel to the the first guest on Chloe's Hearth & and Home show. Chloe is uncomfortable - not that Kate's reveling in that.

"The words 'happy' and 'enjoyment' are not a part of Kate's vocabulary," says LK. "This is a mission that needs to be accomplished."

Kate poisons the food on the set. Chloe tries to take a taste, but ends up spilling it all over herself and Daniel. Kate freaks, but quickly recovers and poisons some more treats. "Kate's really working on her instincts; there is no second thoughts," says Koslow.

Kate's plan goes awry when Lucas approaches the poisoned food. It looks like Lucas is about to take a taste. "Of course, Kate doesn't want to hurt her son,"insists LK. So, Kate lashes out at Lucas and tells him to drop the poisonous food immediately. She then bans anyone from touching any sort of prop, so she can regain control over everything.

She then wraps production for the day, but fully expects to carry out her plans for Daniel and Chloe the next day. "Since Lucas did not eat the treat, no harm, no faul, "shrugs LK. "Kate's eyes are on the prize. She will not be deterred."

Later, Kate meets with Daniel and baits him into conversation. After he leaves, viewers will see that Kate has taped the conversation. She tinkers with the recorded chat to make it sound as if Daniel is saying something that he did not say.

"Kate's so intent on fixing things that details don't bother her. Kate is working on a clever little deception that will reward Daniel for his deceit,"promises Koslow.
For the life of me I do not get Kate's need for revenge on Daniel and Chole; they have done nothing to her personally. Kate needs to really get a life, and a man!
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