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Kate is a trip. I believe her true problem is that Chloe the Hoey had Daniel. Remember she was going to take him back when she saw them in the park. I believe she is upset about Lucas, but she is more upset that Daniel does not want her. Twice he has chosen someone else instead of her. He chose Chelsea over her, and now Chloe. The only reason he started back with Kate was because she was sick, and he felt sorry for her. She is mad cause Chloe got some of Daniels animal loving. I think that is how she decribed it. She is just jealous cause Daniel never really wanted her.

Chloe on the other hand gets on my nerves. She runs to Lucas with I love you, then the next thing she is doing is dreaming about Daniel's hands all over her. Please the writers need to drop this storyline all together. Bring someone in for Dr. Daniel. He and Chole don't work. They have had nothing but sex? I mean when did they fall in love? What scenes have they had besides sex?
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