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Jun 18 2009, 01:30 PM
Jun 18 2009, 01:19 PM
Soaps.com: What can you tell us about your character?

CD: Chad Peterson has trouble written all over him, yet I believe he means well. There's a part of him that you hate, and love at the same time. He's a very confident, edgy, mysterious person. He's the type of person that can persuade you by his words. It's tough to break him, it seems like he's seen and been through a lot in the past...maybe a rough history with his parents, or abandonment issues. He will definitely bring out a side of Mia (Taylor Spreitler) that no one has ever seen before. The love triangle between Will/Mia/Chad is getting intense.

Crikey, kid, slow down. I have a strong feeling none of that will actually come out in the writing. And I feel sure I will never at any point describe the Will/Mia/Chad triangle as "intense." But, bless his heart, he's enthusiastic.

Thanks for posting, Ellie!
He is taping for a month now and we know Mia/Chad will kiss soon so who knows what happens next. This is the intriquing part because Mia cannot be the usual confused, uncertain, virginal teen heroine DAYS usually has, yet Taylor is only 15 so the show has to be very carefull here. This was huge trouble with Abby and Ashley Benson so I wonder how far they will go this time.

Anyway, good interview. It always amazes how amazingly well prepared and professional are all those young newbies. Marnie Saitta is doing great job.
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