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Jun 18 2009, 07:10 PM
Jun 18 2009, 04:02 PM
Yep...and from what I got from Prevuze it certainly sounds like the Bradys and FOBs are doling out a heaping pile of hate and condemnation on EJ.

I found it to be pretty classless. Sami and EJ - I get where they are coming from and I fully expect them to be hateful toward one another - but it would seem to me the Bradys and everyone else should be dialing back the DiMera skewering considering they are at the funeral of his daughter. Like him or not...it's just not the time or the place. :redface:
I agree!
I'm so sick of the Bradys and their self-righteousness. I can't even believe not ONE of them will tell EJ sorry for the LOSS of your daughter!
And Roman...throw away your fuckin badge because NONE of you use it correctly. You only use it when DiMeras or non-FOBs are breaking the law.
They're probably all afraid he's going to hire someone to put them in a morgue drawer.

I wouldn't express my condolences to his perpetual scowl and constant whining either. I would agree if he just looked completely torn apart by this loss, but he doesn't. He looks pissed, full of his own awesomeness, and like he just can't believe that this underling would dare defy him.
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