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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jun 18 2009, 07:06 PM
Jun 18 2009, 03:48 PM
So have any of y'all who spent the last few pages of this thread posting totally enraged about the writers for what they are doing to Will for the sake of EJ's alleged "pimping" actually bothered to read Prevuze today and want to maybe dial that back a bit?

Will tells Mia EJ didn't know he was Grace's father. "Unbelievable," says Mia.

Will says he hates all of Sami's lies but kind of understands this one.
You know I read Prevuze and while I agree that will is another apologist of Sami's, it was speculation based on a spoiler and it was perfectly in the right to believe that Will would have sided with EJ.

I dont ask you to "dial it back" when you make speculations about Ej and his "supposed" love for Sami. I think we all can post without "dailing back" our opinions of spoilers.


I simply asked an open question of anyone who thought the writers were contorting Will to pimp EJ if they still thought the show was doing so after reading the way things are described in Prevuze (as I think the Prevuze quotes put that idea to rest) and maybe wanted to rethink things or weren't so mad after all i.e. maybe dial that (that being the rage at the writers) back a bit.

Yeah, I asked this question in a perhaps bitchy and/or snarky sort of way, but that's hardly a new development with my posts and I think judging by the first couple of responses other people got what I'm saying.

If you took my post as some sort of specific attack or attempt to stifle you that is not how the post was intended. I have no desire to see yet another thread deteriorate into fanbase fighting shit, especially when my post was actually defending THE WRITERS from what I thought was unfair criticism of how they are writing the Will character and not even really having anything to do with EJ or EJami.

I am genuinely curious though if you and/or others still believe the show is still "pimping" EJ and/or EJami based on what goes down at this funeral.

Because that is not my impression AT ALL (which I will elaborate upon tomorrow in the weekly discussion thread after the Friday epi airs).

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