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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jun 18 2009, 09:50 PM
Jun 18 2009, 09:30 PM
I simply asked an open question of anyone who thought the writers were contorting Will to pimp EJ if they still thought the show was doing so after reading the way things are described in Prevuze (as I think the Prevuze quotes put that idea to rest) and maybe wanted to rethink things or weren't so mad after all i.e. maybe dial that (that being the rage at the writers) back a bit.

Even taking into account the day ahead--and I too have seen the funeral scenes from tomorrow's show--we haven't yet seen the scenes that were previewed in this article. According to the summary:

EJ wants custody of Johnny and serves Sami with custody papers at Grace's funeral. Will overhears and asks EJ if he can come visit Johnny. Ali Sweeney explains that Will tells Sami that she's a "terrible parent" and that he understands why EJ is doing this.

We haven't yet seen Will react to the service of the papers nor him calling Sami a terrible parent and "side" with EJ, which is how I would describe him saying he understands why EJ is doing this. Thus, while I agree that Will is critical of EJ in tomorrow's show, there seems to be a shift in his opinion or at least he does not appear to be acting consistently with his prior comment. Which heaven knows is no surprise with these writers, who can't remember what happens from one minute to the next. But, those who are complaining about Will's relationship with EJ being rewritten aren't necessarily wrong simply based on Will's comment from tomorrow's show.
That is a good point. I guess we shall see for sure when we get that scene, probably in tomorrow's prevuze/Canada show.
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