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After all... tomorrow is another day!


I love that your response to this...

I have no desire to see yet another thread deteriorate into fanbase fighting shit, especially when my post was actually defending THE WRITERS from what I thought was unfair criticism of how they are writing the Will character and not even really having anything to do with EJ or EJami.

includes this random comment...

I personally believe EJAMI is dead and was never a couple


Anyway re: Will and Ej's relationship...

this is the ONE character whose hatred of EJ was known even to speculation that he actually shot him.

The ONE character? Was there anyone in Salem who didn't have a motive to shoot EJ at the time he was shot? Hell weren't there two or three guns at the ceremony getting ready to fire at him? I remember some Lucas fans and others speculating maybe Will shot him and Lucas was covering up given how awkwardly it seemed Will was written out with Sami and him not even getting a goodbye scene, but I'm not sure what fan speculation about that particular plot point proves in terms of the character hating EJ to the point he could never get so mad at Sami that he dared to express some sort of empathy or understanding for EJ when they are both dealing with a lot of grief and hurt over the same dead baby that Sami lied to them about for the child's entire short life.

So when I read that he's basically in EJ's side, then I'm going to get pissed and question it.

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