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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Jun 19 2009, 09:34 AM
Puleeze! I stand by my statment. This show is totally still pimping EJ after several years. This week Will understands. Next week he's totally on EJ's side.

No logic. No consistancy. The only that feels everyone is acting in character are EJ fans. But I don't feel his pain. I could careless about it because the show continues to wipe all the damage that hypocrite done under the

The only one I'm feeling bad for is Nicole. At least she recognizes she's doing wrong.
Wow. I'm not really quite sure where to start on this...which is probably a clear sign that I shouldn't even go here...but what the heck. :shrug:

First of all, I do agree with you that the writing on the show is inconsistent. I doubt too many people would argue that point. I'm not sure why you state
The only that feels everyone is acting in character are EJ fans.
I certainly don't feel that way. I don't see the show 'pimping' EJ at this point. In fact, it seems they are intent on painting him as purely evil in order to make Sami's reasons for hiding their daughter from him appear to have some validation. Never mind the fact that she's been praising him to the heavens for what 'a great Dad' he is to Johnny. It seems everyone basically lines up at the funeral to get their shot in at EJ - and while I can certainly understand Stephanie's rage, I think the timing is just flat out wrong. As someone else said, taking the opportunity to make the funeralof her cousin's infant all about her is pretty tasteless...but whatever. It seems to me the writers are pounding home the point that EJ has crossed a line and thus deserves to be scorned and mocked and lied to about his children. Which, as we all know, continues to happen.

The truth is...we can make a long, long list of things that EJ has done that he deserves to be condemned for. (Of course, we could make similar lists for just about everyone else at that funeral - particularly Sami and Nicole.) But in this one instance - the story revolving Grace - the simple fact is EJ is the victim here. Sami lied. Nicole is still lying. EJ has done nothing wrong in regard to what happened with Grace and is happening with Sydney - and his pain and suffering at learning he had a child and was not permitted to know her until it was too late is valid. Was he a shit to Stephanie? Absolutely. Can he be an arrogant jackass? You bet. But none of that has anything to do with his current grief over this baby - which isn't even his.

Which brings me to your final point. The last person in this story that I feel badly for is Nicole. Recognizing you are doing something wrong doesn't mean a damned thing unless you are willing to take steps to correct it. She isn't. We get to see lots of (extremely well acted) scenes of Nicole's heartbreak and guilt - yet she continues to let the husband she supposedly adores suffer this unimaginable grief, she continues to pass off another woman's child as her own, and stands by and watches quietly as a young teen mother grieves for a baby she doesn't even realize was hers.

I love Ari Zucker and she's kicking ass with this material - but that doesn't change the fact that each and every day Nicole gets closer and closer to becoming unredeemable. Her actions, and the fact she just said to Brady the other day that she'd do it all again, certainly don't support her sniveling and groveling prayers to God and Grace for forgiveness.
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