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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nicole Dimera
Jun 19 2009, 10:38 AM
Nicole is totally redeemable.
I think the writers could redeem Nicole if they put the work into it (and thus I don't blame AZ for saying herself she has some trepidation of whether it's possible to ever redeem her character given how notoriously lazy DOOL writers are) like if say Stefano ran off with Sydney and Nicole was the one who gave EJ and Sami the clues to get their baby back despite knowing telling them the truth would result in her being out on her butt from the mansion and losing EJ and losing her lavish lifestyle and possibly facing jail time and the writers subsequently played out those beats to show Nicole was facing sufficient punishment for what she's done, but I agree with SocR 100 % that at this point Nicole is the least sympathetic character in the baby story.

Just because AZ is the best actor in this storyline at acting sad and crying, doesn't change the words Nicole is saying and has said like upon finding out about Grace's illness she heads to the chapel to scream "Damn you Sami Brady!" and also says she'd do all of this all over again. It also doesn't change her actions which are to keep quiet about all of this to put herself and her agenda before all these suffering people who have the right to honestly grieve their babies (yes, babies because EJ should have gotten to grieve the baby Nicole miscarried the same as Mia and Sami deserve to grieve Grace knowing the truth about her) yet Nicole is denying them that. That just makes her very convincingly acted anguish over knowing she is doing the wrong thing turn into crocodile tears for me and thus she doesn't have my sympathy because I'm not convinced Nicole feels sorry for anyone but HERSELF in having this moment of triumph in playing God and creating this web of lies and having everyone believe them turn out to be less satisfying than she had hoped with her actually having to see all these sad people around her that are taking some of the enjoyment for her out of playing house with Sami's baby and Sami's ex because horror of horrors... this tragedy is actually making her feel GUILT. Sorry, but I can't feel sorry for Nicole feeling guilty when she IS guilty.
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