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Jun 19 2009, 10:59 AM
If characters like Stefano and Victor can become mainstays on the show for 20+ years, Nicole can most certainly be redeemed. This whole time, she has never been written as a total villain. The writers and especially Ari have made sure to show us all sides of her character throughout this story. If you really believe Nicole can't be redeemed after this, I think it's just wishful thinking on your part, because characters have done a hell of a lot worse and been redeemed.
Stefano and Victor have become mainstays on the show for all these years without ever needing to be redeemed. They are villians (Stefano more than Victor, but Vic has certainly had his moments) and thus aren't expected to require redemption.

As you said, Nicole isn't being written as a flat out villian which is what makes me think they will want to redeem her at some point - in order for her to move on to another relationship down the road. I personally always liked the character, prior to the babypalooza crap, and I'm sure I will again. But I do believe redeeming her is going to be a tough sell.

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