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The Days of Our Lives photo shoot was the gift that kept on giving. I had the opportunity to speak to both beloved veterans and newcomers.

Peter Reckell (Bo)

What does Crystal Chappell (Carlyís) return mean for Bo and Hope?

I donít really know. Having another woman come between Bo and Hope is interesting because that whole relationship happened when Bo thought Hope was dead. Iím not really sure what happened after that because the guy playing Bo for a while [Robert Kelker Kelly] sort of resolved that. Iím just wondering whatís going to happen. Itís kind of a cool place to be because quite often I kind of know whatís going on. This is exciting news.

Fans are hoping this means youíre going to have a big story again.

My wife told me the fans sort of introduced this storyline a couple years ago. Apparently the writers saw that and thought it was a good idea.

What would you like to see happen to Bo?

Iíve been doing this so long that Iíve given up trying to do that. You just get disappointed when they surprise you with something totally different.

Congratulations on your Emmy nomination. Have you thought about what youíre going to say in your acceptance speech?

Of course! Itís hard not to think about that. First of all, itís kind of strange to be nominated. Itís something Iíve kind of forgotten about over the years because Iíve never been nominated. James sent me an e-mail that said, ďWelcome to an elite group,Ē because thereís not too many of us that have been nominated from the show.

You were nominated for Boís powerful scenes surrounding Seanís death. There were a lot of great emotional scenes when Grace died. Do you think the writing of the show has changed to better showcase actors?

I donít think thatís a different direction for the show. I think we sort of went away from that, and now weíve come back. The producers and writers recognize thatís what the audience wants. Theyíre doing shows that really are about family and love relationships.

Are you going to have more scenes with John Aniston? Itís always great to see Bo and Victor go toe-to-toe.

Johnís back in a big way. Itís good to have that history. It makes our jobs fun.

Why do you think that DOOL has historically done so poorly at the Emmys?

When we have awards like the Peopleís Choice Awards, Soap Opera Digest Awards, Days has always done well. But when the industry decides who it likes, we havenít done well. Who knows? Everybody has their opinions. So this year having thirteen nominations is like, what the heck? Whereís that coming from? Weíre just surprised. [Former co-executive producer] Ed Scott was our only real difference.

Has it been tough being on the backburner for the past few months?

Itís difficult to be put on the backburner. But over the past thirteen years, Iíve kind of gotten used to that. The timing was perfect for me because Iím enjoying being a Dad. Itís given me more time with [my daughter] Loden.

Loden is a really unusual name. How did you come up with it?

It came to my wife in a dream. Since that happened, we figured Loden was naming herself, so we better follow her instructions.

Felisha Terrell (Arianna)

Terrell was especially excited to join DOOL because the show is her Momís favorite soap. Terrell revealed she wisely turned down a screen test for the role of Vanessa on One Life To Live. She reveals that weíll see a more fun-loving side of Arianna in upcoming scenes where she, Molly and Brady end up playing strip poker at the Horton cabin. She reveals that Arianna is such an overprotective big sister because of something that she and Rafe experienced as children. Before she became an actress, Terrell worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. One of the drugs she sold was Cialis. She says, ďIf I had a dollar for every guy who claimed he didnít need it but asked if he could try it out, Iíd be rich.Ē

Casey Diedrick (Chad)

Peterson will soon debut as Chad Peterson, Miaís baby Daddy. The ultra tall actor is thrilled to be playing Salemís new teen bad boy. He explains in character, ďIím a year older than Mia. I am a part of Miaís past. I got shipped away to military school. Iím a very confident, edgy person.Ē Diedrick adds, ďYou love him and hate him at the same time. He gets what he wants when he wants.Ē He explains that Chad is not a complete Cad. He was sent out of town before he found out Mia was pregnant. ďIt will hit him like a ton of bricks once he finds out about it. This character has a lot of pride in himself.Ē In addition to acting, Diedrick is the vocalist for a metal band A Dreadfall Fall.

Taylor Spreitler (Mia)

Spreitler previews the upcoming Will/Mia/Chad triangle. ďWill is the sweet one. Chad was the bad boy in school. Heís very smug and smooth. Willís the dorkier one. Right now she likes Will. Chad is a part of her past.Ē Taylor chooses not tell Chad about Sydney (who she still believes ie her child) because, ďShe wants Sydney to stay with Nicole. Heís controlling.Ē

Lauren Koslow (Kate)

Koslow has dyed a chunk of her hair blue. She claims, ďItís a tribute to Adam Lambert.Ē She became a fan after attending a taping of American Idol. Koslow explains Kateís dastardly plot to get revenge on both Daniel and Chloe. ďKate wants to punish them both. What better way than to force them to be together? On top of that, sheís going back to her original plan to poison them.Ē Koslow enjoys playing a character who often goes over-the-top. ďWe just shot a shocking, funny scene with Kate and Victor. Itís hard to explain. As an actress, I canít justify it.Ē

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