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Jun 21 2009, 01:07 PM
Nahh ... I mean she just admitted in an interview she is his "big sister" and that they share a tragedy from when they were children. And when they are alone they refer to eachother as brother and sister.
I do believe he is still some kind of agent..and she could be in law enforcement too.. But I still think they are siblings, and the suprise at seeing eachother seemed genuine when she joined the show.
Also on the NBC character profiles they are siblings. We will find out more about Arianna once her and Brady get started. I think Rafe's sister was brought on as a character to help to reveal his past as he is the strong silent type and needs someone else other than Sami to speak [or in Rafe's case] try to avoid talking about the past too. He may be still undercover with the FBI but Arianna's private conversations with Rafe make no sense at all if she's an agent herself. For example why would she nagging him about the construction job? She could blow his cover by pointing out how inappropriate the job is etc. JMO
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