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Jun 21 2009, 08:44 PM
Jun 21 2009, 06:00 PM
Jun 21 2009, 01:46 PM
See, I just don't buy a word of her guilty ramblings. To me, she simply has no credibility in relation to what she's saying and it goes in one ear and out the other. It's easy to sit on your own and lament about how bad you feel, but we all know she doesn't feel bad enough to actually remedy the situation. She can empathise with Sami's situation but she doesn't actually want to help her unless it doesn't impact her world. As the saying goes, talk is cheap.

The other annoyance I have with her is how she is continually trying to rewrite why she swapped babies. The primary reason was so that she had less chance of getting caught and not so that EJ could be close to his biological daughter. That's just BS.

Also, I was really surprised that she sat through EJ telling her that he'd loved Sami while he'd been married to her. The Nicole of the past would have had more backbone than to take that without any comment or using it as leverage.
You can feel bad about something and not try to remedy the situation. That doesn't mean that you don't feel bad, it just means that your guilt doesn't outweigh your desire not to get caught.
I don't think she feels guilty. To feel guilt is to feel remorse or self-reproach, caused by a feeling that you have done something wrong. Nicole does not believe she did the wrong thing. As far as she's concerned, what she did is the best thing for her, Sydney and EJ.

She feels sad about some of the events that have happened to the people involved in the switch, but I don't believe she's expressed any remorse. Didn't she tell Brady she'd do it all over again? Actually, as did Sami, and I don't think many/any would say she's feeling guilty at the moment about lying about Grace's parentage.
I think she feels that it was wrong for them but right for her and the right for her outweighs the wrong for them. Basically, she feels guilty about what she had to do, but it was worth it for what she thinks she's going to achieve, which is she (and Sami, too) would both do it over again. I think they've both felt different levels of guilt all along.
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