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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Wes Fan
Jun 22 2009, 04:59 PM
Great. Joe Isuzu comes to Days.

I was thinking more the creepy neighbor from Empty Nest but that works too.

Wonder what the DA will be prosecuting? Do you think it will just be EJ for the kidnapping or will either Kate or Daniel wind up with charges against them for this stupid Chloe murder plot?

And IIRC Carlo was the name of one of Victor's goons so good on you Paxton for remembering that as I had forgotten, but now I remember wondering what happened to Nico at the time.

This is from a May 14 recap:

Owen helps Philip walk inside, but another guy named Carlo arrives on the scene and tells Owen he can go now. Meanwhile, Melanie believes Steph is setting herself up for a pretty big fall. “Do you really wanna life your life wondering if you’re gonna die in a second?” questions Melanie. Steph says she’s not afraid for her life, but Melanie doesn’t believe it, reminding her of the ongoing war. Steph tells her to go. Philip emerges and agrees with Steph, telling Melanie not to ever come back. Carlo begins to escort Melanie out, but Mel yells that she can escort herself out. Steph asks Philip if he’s okay, remarking how his eyes are “crazy looking."
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