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In the conclusion of my Days of Our Lives summer photo shoot interviews, I spoke with DOOLís Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Eric Martsolf (Brady).

You were so good in the scenes surrounding Graceís death. How did you manage to make Nicole somewhat sympathetic and human given what she has done? How did you delve into playing such emotional scenes?

Zucker: Itís not difficult to feel the pain of a child passing. I donít know any human being who wouldnít be moved. You tap into it and itís there.

Stefano is on to Nicole now. Why is he letting her get away with passing off Samiís baby as her own?

Zucker: I wouldnít say heís letting her. Itís more that his son has his child. More important than anything for a DiMera is to have that DiMera blood. I actually did a good thing for the family.

Is there a part of Nicole that wants to tell Sami her baby is still alive?

Zucker: I think thereís a tremendous amount of guilt, but I donít think she really wants to tell her. She fell in love with that child.

How do you, as an actress, rationalize Nicoleís actions?

Zucker: Eleven years of doing things that are very irrational. You have to find ways to love your character. If you donít, then it shows.

Bradyís been Nicoleís reluctant confidant from the beginning. How does Graceís death affect him?

Martsolf: Since Iíve come on as Brady it was clear that through his rehabilitation, which has all been unseen, that somehow truth became really important to him. In order to be rehabilitated that way you have to be really honest. Being in this place made him want to help his friend, which through the weeks, developed into real feelings for this girl. I think the fans thought it kind of came out of the blue, but if you look at the circumstances and what he went through mentally, the connection to her makes sense. She wants that perfect picture. Brady wanted to tell her it ainít that perfect. Take another look at it.

Now heís moved on, and is spending time with Arianna. What does he see in her?

Zucker: Nothing!

Martsolf: Her feistiness. Right now, thereís a physical connection, they like to banter, but thereís going to be some circumstances that reveal why [they'd be a good match.] Theyíre two people feeling themselves out. They go against the couple grain. They donít want to be a couple right off the bat. Brady has this great monologue where he [says], ďWhy does everyone in Salem have to be in a couple? A single woman and a single guy, why does everyone have to push them together? Canít we just hang out?Ē Through that, they realize they have the same desire to maintain their independence. But you can only fight love for so long.

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