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This week's SOW features an interview with Shelley Hennig.

Stephanie breaks off her engagement to Philip this week. First, Steph talks to Father Matt about the Kiriakis lifestyle. Hennig explains that "Father Matt is someone Stephanie has known her whole life", and that Father Matt "knows her family". Hennig continues that while Steph is talking to Father Matt, she starts considering her options for her relationship with Philip, and by the end of Steph and Father's Matt's conversation, Steph has made a decision.

Steph goes to the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Philip, but before she can say anything to him about their relationship, he holds up the bottle of her anxiety pills and confronts her about them. Hennig explains that "Steph's a little caught off guard, but here's her chance to tell him the truth, and maybe it will help him understand why she has to say goodbye." Steph tells Philip that she's been abusing the pills to help her through things.

Steph then tells Philip their relationship is over. Hennig says that this is difficult for Steph, but she knows she has to do it, so she fights to get the words out. Philip tries to tell Steph that they can work things out, but Steph tells Philip that they've already tried to do that.

Then Steph removes her engagement ring and puts it down in front of Philip. Philip begs Steph to reconsider, but as Hennig says, "for [Steph's] safety and peace of mind, she has to break things off with him." Hennig concludes that Steph "kisses Philip goodbye and walks out before she completely loses it."

[Note: This is the only Days story article in SOD or SOW this week.]

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