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Jun 24 2009, 10:58 AM
Jun 24 2009, 02:06 AM

The plane crash sequence was excellent, but a lot of younger viewers like myself were turned off by his treatment of Philip & Chloe and especially throwing Chloe into a "romance" with Lucas while ignoring her history with Brady.

Was that Ed Scott? It seems like Higley to me. Especially since the whole Dr. Dan thing. Brady is around. If Higley wanted to do some justice, the actors are there.
Actually, there was initially some good Philip/Chloe stuff during the plane crash. It wasn't until somebody started pushing Philip and Morgan that Chloe was thrown towards Lucas. Given that KR was fired shortly after Ed Scott was, it seems clear to me that Scott was the one who wanted Renton featured in a front-burner romance. As to why they didn't revisit Broe, that's a different question, but I assume by that point they had already decided to try out Danloe.

My speculation is if Danloe hadn't worked out Shawn and Nadia would both have been gone shortly thereafter, since it sure seemed as if Nadia was almost fired back when she was leaving town for the opera in wherever. There was also uncertainty about Jay's contract status last fall and whether he would renew. I have speculated Philip was initially paired with Stephanie with the thought that if Jay didn't renew, it was easier to deal with a short-term romance than to be writing a long-term Phloe story, or what passes for one these days. Again, this is all my speculation and I'm not claiming any backstage knowledge, just guessing based on what I've seen onscreen.
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