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Crystal Chappell is interviewed in this week's SOD and SOW. Following are the new Days-related points mentioned in the interviews.

- Gary Tomlin contacted Chappell to ask her if she'd be interested in coming back. She says she'd never considered it before, because she's never reprised a character.

- Chappell wants a "fresh take" on the character of Carly. She wants Carly to be "fun, vibrant and funny", and she says that she wants to "try to throw a few bits of Olivia into Carly". She says that her husband is referring to the character as "Carly II", and she says she's "not married to anything that happened 16 years ago." She likes that Carly "has a lot of strength, and she's smart", but she wants the writers to bring Carly back "with a lot more edge and a sense of humor".

- SOD asks Chappell if Michael Sabatino (Chappell's husband) will be returning to Days. Chappell says, "not that I know of".

- SOW asks Chappell if she's prepared for "the wrath of Bo and Hope fans" if she works with Peter Reckell again. Chappell answers, "I don't know that they're necessarily bringing me back for that", but then she continues that if they did go that route, "it wouldn't be any different than the first time I stepped in."

- Chappell mentions that during her first run as Carly, Hope had just been killed off, "so the fans were being lovely and loyal to their favorite couple". Chappell says that the fans said, "You'll never be Hope", so Chappell responded, "You don't need two of us. Just one great one. Then, I'll be Carly."

[Note: The Otalia-related portions of these interviews are posted here.]

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