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- Stefano plots to break up Sami and Rafe.

Why??? I thought Stefano was over the whole wanting Marlena's daughter for his son. Why would he want to break up Sami and Rafe, meaning Sami would probably go back to EJ?

- Philip feels rejected and makes a play for Melanie.

Oh God! I thought we were over this coupling that makes no sense.

- Stephanie strikes up a friendship with Nathan.

I don't really mind Stephanie and Nathan coming together. It ties Nathan more into the show, rather than having him instantly strike up a relationship with Melanie. That's unbelievable. I'd buy it if Nathan met the other women on the show first and then decided to pursue Melanie. That way, at least he had some variety, and the couple won't seem so contrived. But I'm a Philip and Stephanie fan so I hope this remains just a friendship.

- After Arianna learns about Brady's history, she backs off.

What past? Brady married and divorced Chloe and that's pretty much it. I guess they are talking about his addiction. I wonder if Arianna has had her own addiction and that's why she's backing off. Two reformed addicts coming together is never a good thing.

- Sami encounters a woman from Rafe's past.

This must be Rachel Kimsey's character Meredith. I like Kimsey, so I hope Meredith is going to be here to stay and not just a typical Higley short-term character that will serve her purprose (probably being a psycho ex) and then vanish without a trace of ever being there three months later.

- Chloe's health deteriorates as Kate slowly poisons her.

I can't believe this story is actually still going on.

- Will butts heads with Chad over Mia.

Are we even surprised by this spoiler? With all of the talks about how great this "triangle" is going to be from the young actors, I was hoping we'd get more than just your typical jocks butting heads over the damsel.

I do have to ask, where the hell are the Bo and Hope spoilers? In the summer previews, Corday mentioned Bo and Hope a little, but said there wouldn't be much for them until July. Well, the July spoilers are here and we don't get jack shit about Bo and Hope. Based on the casting news (Stabile and Graham), we know that something is going to happen to Bo and Hope. I'm just disappointed we didn't get even a mention for the show's veteran couple.
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