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Wow...it seems like we go through this everytime SOW does these little preview tidbit things.

These are just vague TIDBITS. They are in no way a comprehensive preview. I would think people would know this by now based on the past. They are like this for all the shows. I don't even know why SOW did this for July when July is not a sweeps months or anything.

These don't sound bad. I'm ready for the Kate/Chloe/Daniel stuff to end. The fact they are dragging it out tells me that some people in this story are definitely leaving. You almost get the sense they are stalling until some contract cycles are up or something.

I can see why Stefano is screwing with Rafe and Sami. Rafe is getting close to the truth so he is going to break up Sami and Rafe as a distraction and to try to get rid of Rafe. Makes sense.

I don't mind Philip and Melanie. Melanie is much different now then this past winter and many praised her and Philip on their recent adventure. As Jane said, I don't expect Melanie to be as accepting of Philip's attention as she once was because of Nathan and throwing Stephanie at Nathan is not a bad idea either. I would like them to develop Stephanie on her own a bit but I think an interaction with Nathan could be good for her and may renew the Melanie/Stephanie tension.

We know Bo and Hope have stuff coming up and we know there is no way EJ and Nicole are being backburnered so them not being mentioned here means nothing. They are just vague little tidbits and I like that. I wish spoilers in general were more vague.
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