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Please link to DR only. Thank you! :)

Y&R's Adam Seduces Rafe!

After Estella is cuffed for the gaslighting of Ashley, Rafe is determined to prove his aunt's innocence. But when a suspicious Rafe corners Adam at the Newman Ranch and demands to take a look around his bedroom, Adam quickly concocts a plan to distract his friend so he won't find the evidence that he framed Estella: He seduces Rafe and states that he has feelings for him!

Adam's scheme throws Rafe off course -- for now. He later calls Adam and tells him that he returns his feelings. Meanwhile, Adam is shaken and invites Heather over. She senses that something is wrong with him, but he calms her concerns with passionate sex.

"At this point in the game, Heather still doesn't think Adam is up to anything," notes Vail Bloom. "She doesn't suspect that he's been scheming against Ashley or putting Botox in his eyes or putting the blame on Estella or any of that. She truly believes that he's changed and that he's innocent when it comes to everything that's happened with Ashley. The thing is, Ashley has been their ally against Victor and got him to let Heather visit Adam at the house, so to her, it wouldn't make sense that Adam would do anything to Ashley."

Still, Heather tells Ashley that she'll do everything she can in the cast against Estella. "It's interesting because a friendship is developing between Ashley and Heather," explains Bloom. "Heather feels for her and what she's going through. She's very compassionate when it comes to Ashley."

As for Adam, how long can he continue with his scheme before Rafe and Heather find out? "It's getting tougher for him to hide everything," points out Bloom. "A lot of twists and turns and nooks and crannies are going to be exposed, and I don't know if Heather is going to believe him for much longer. Right now, she might not suspect anything is wrong, but I'm sure there are going to be a couple of things that pique her interest. Love is blind, but Heather is a pretty smart woman."
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