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Jun 23 2009, 04:05 PM
Jun 23 2009, 03:15 PM

Ed Scott worked a miracle and was fired for his efforts. But he may get the last laugh—and an Emmy to boot.Scott took over the exec producer reins at Days of Our Lives in 2007, turning a show that was close to unbearable and threatened with cancellation into a true contender.Not only did Days end 2008 as the only soap to gain viewers, it’s currently nominated for 13 Daytime Emmys—the most for any soap this year.

I have no strong opinion on Scott vs Tomlin but that's just inaccurate. Scott's final week of episodes (Sept 15, 2008) drew a 1.8 and 7th place and- Olympic weeks excepted- ratings were terrible during his final 2-3 months. To speak of DOOL "ending 2008 as the only soap to gain viewers" when another EP was in charge for Oct.-Dec. is misleading journalism on Logan's part.

What piss poor reporting. Scott did nothing to save Days. All he did was make things worst. The show was in chaos the whole time he was there and he didn't do a damn thing to stop it and he could've. Just look at what Tomlin has done. The show is more stable now then it's been in over a decade.

The ratings were never consistent under Scott. He did nothing to help the budget and did not use sets efficiently. Tomlin has done all those things and he finally had the balls to make the decisions needed to help Days not only survive a year at a time but to maybe survive for years to come. I'm sorry but it was time to pass the torch. Long past time. Tomlin was the only one with the guts to get in Corday's ear and make it happen. I wish it had been handled better but the show is better off now in more ways then one. It has a creative freedom now and it actually has a long-term plan for the first time in ages. Tomlin is also the first person to get Corday to stay the hell away from the show. He gets my props for that. He's a leader that does what is necessary and the show needed that.

I don't care how pretty Ed Scott made the show or what he did for the actors. The actors should work that hard for everyone. They are being paid to do a job. They shouldn't have to be "inspired" or have their asses kissed just to do their job and give top grade performances. I used to love Ed Scott but I can't stand him now and part of it has to do with him being worshiped as some kind of martyr. I realize Higley should've gone too and how awful she can be but that is beside the point. The fact that no one else in soaps hired him speaks volumes. The man deserved to be canned. He could've handled things differently but he didn't. Instead, he made things worse and I don't care if the man had the best production values. He needed to go and the show is better off for it. As far as I'm concerned, he's not taking any high road because he was rightfully fired.

As for the Emmy nods, give me a break. Yes, pretty much all the nominations came from his work but who wrote it all? Higley and, in most cases, the strike writers. It had very little to do with quality. He just played the game right. Tomlin isn't chopped liver either. He brought Emmy love back to OLTL when he got there 9 years ago after years of not getting any Emmy love so he's more then capable of doing the same. He knows how to play the game, just like Scott.

On a positive note, I like the picture LOL.
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