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Jun 24 2009, 01:13 PM
Jun 24 2009, 12:52 PM
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Jun 24 2009, 12:42 PM
I don't even know why SOW did this for July when July is not a sweeps months or anything.
July is a sweeps month.
Yeah but no one ever behaves like it is, mostly because it's summer and most of primetime is in a hiatus.
Soaps definitely behave like it is. There are usually big July stories and historically many stories have climaxed in July. Soap viewership is different than primetime during the summer; many people who are not home during the year are home during the day to watch soaps in the summer. Now granted, Days' attempts at July stories (elevator sex) haven't been that wonderful in past years, but I think they are acknowledging that they should be ramping up their stories. I agree with the others in this thread that the problem is just in the execution though, lol.
Not so sure about that as in all my years I've seen more stories climaxing in August then July. Hell, I see more in June.

This is only the second year I've ever seen SOW do these little tidbits and you never see soaps mention July sweeps and how big everything is going to be and so on. All the soaps amp up their stories, particularly involving the youth, in summer. It has very little to do with any sort of July sweeps effect IMO. Usually, you see big things spread out over the 3 month period of summer, which is why sometimes May sweeps sucks for most soaps because they are building more for summer.
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