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Jun 24 2009, 01:36 PM
:lol: Wow Phoenix, you don't even give the guy credit for bringing on a talented casting director?

I'm meh on Tomlin. I'm always a fan of the shows he's at, be it SuBe, OLTL, or DAYS. He's good for entertainment, substance not so much. JMO.

I always think of the blackout/Chloe & Lucas in the elevator as the beginning of the couple, but I forget that there were hints before right? Scott was long though when the episodes of the blackout aired right?
Scott DID bring on some good directors. I love Marnie, and also Noel, and can't believe Tomlin kept them...the other directors were very good too...I mean, the Shawn/Philip October 07 fight was the best the rivals EVER had.

And Scott was there during the whole blackout...it was about a month before he completely took over and the hospital lockdown(and of course...the best thing he ever did...bringing back Sam.)...but I think Chloe/Lucas were his. Higley seemed to want to reverse that but Tomlin put a stop to it and had a Lucas/Chloe/Daniel triangle instead.
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