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Jun 24 2009, 01:30 PM
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Once again, I'm in total agreement with your statements, Paxton. Nelson Branco recently reported on KR getting a role on a different show and referred to her as ES's pet in the article. I have no doubt that ES is the one who pushed Morgan front and center against Higley's wishes (she had been reuniting Phloe, which Sheffer hadn't been doing, starting with the plane crash and Ireland stuff) because the first thing Higley did when she got control was fire KR and have Philip declare his love for Chloe.

I also agree that with contracts up in the air the show went different routes than they originally intended - putting Philip in a possible romance with Stephanie that would have been very easy to yank him out of if JKJ left, or to if they had to recast. And when Whitesell came along, despite noting Phloe's chemistry, I think he wanted to keep the stories going in one direction since they had been all over the place for so long so he kept Chloe in her triangle from hell and Philip with his age-inappropriate love interests.

I think that Scott wanted Philip/Morgan, Higley wanted Philip/Chloe, and then Tomlin wants Philip/Stephanie. It was obvious, before Tomlin/Whitesell got total control on the show, that Higley was heading for Philip/Chloe again, and also she seemed to want a Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle, maybe Lumi again, amongst some other things.

Then Tomlin seemed to scrap most of that...but its obvious that Higley and Scott majorly disagreed on visions. Now, I honestly think Tomlin and Higley don't see eye to eye either, but Ed and Higley's struggles seemed to be very, very bad...Ed's best time was when he and Hogan were working together....2008 was just a mess for Days.

I think Higley is just there in name only now. I think they keep her on just to keep Corday away because for some stupid reason he likes Higley and trusts her so they leave Higley on the team just to sit there while Tomlin and Whitesell handle things. I think Higley takes it because she knows she can't get work anywhere else so she may as well just accept it.

It's clear Philip/Morgan and Chloe/Lucas were all Scott's idea. You could tell where Higley was going and then everything just stopped and became forced.
I don't understand why they don't just demote her to staff writer, she worked as that for many years before.
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