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Jun 24 2009, 01:18 PM
It has a creative freedom now and it actually has a long-term plan for the first time in ages.

Where is this so-called long-term plan? The show has been spinning its wheels ever since that idiot Tomlin took over. The Dimera-Kiriakis feud was pointless and had nothing at stake. The Kate-Daniel-Chloe-Lucas fiasco has had absolutely no focus, is destroying the character of Kate and is one of the worst storylines in Days history. The baby switch story is the show's centerpiece and doesn't seem to have any direction. None of the vets has been given anything resembling a decent storyline. The newbies are pointless. And so on.

This notion that Gary Tomlin has a plan is ludicrous. The show's ratings may be a bit higher at the moment but they are hardly terrific. The show's quality has rarely, if ever, been worse. The show wasn't great under Ed Scott. It is unwatchable under Gary Tomlin.
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