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Jun 24 2009, 02:35 PM
Jun 24 2009, 02:24 PM
If she didn't want to be there, she wouldn't be there. She could've found other work.
She said it herself. "I have to work."

I'm sure that's all this is to her. A paycheck.
Yeah because she likes to work. Sure, the paycheck is great but I'm sure they are doing ok. She's worked nonstop for a long time. Her husband has done things here and there and he also did construction work for awhile at one point. I don't think they are hurting.

My point is she didn't have to go to Days. She chose to go. Another soap definitely would've picked her up, especially since she is one to accept a reduced salary. I doubt she is taking this job for just the money. I do think she wasn't in love with what Carly became in her first stint so I see that as a big reason why she wants to change her. That is fine. I mean, she wants room to reinvent the character and there is nothing wrong with that.

I also think that she doesn't want to shatter GL fans either because there was hope for awhile of a pickup elsewhere or maybe moving to an online venue. She is the first one to get another job and that pretty much cemented GL's fate because if she's bolting, that means the show is done because she would've stayed otherwise. She spoke herself about how hard it was going to work and looking at everyone since she was the first one to find other work. It was awkward because it pretty much meant the end. I think she is just trying to walk a delicate line here.
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