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Technically they should be in college right now but they can't do that because it only highlights how Philip ISN'T in college and looks seedy if he starts hanging around college campus to see his girlfriend. Can you imagine the CEO of any corporation doing that?

Shades of Phorgan there - I remember them sitting at the Brady Pub while she did her homework and didn't know how to spell "personnel." I also loved the way Higley used to get her digs in at the pairing by having characters like Chloe and Nicole make bitchy comments about Philip trolling the campus for girls. It was ridiculous with Morgan, it's ridiculous with Stephanie. Both girls were no match for him in maturity or life experience.

I'm pretty sure he's still missing the leg...

I thought I read something where he said they told him to stop limping - like the missing leg is just gone. Which is too bad, because it had some great emotional possibilities. Like in the plane crash where he was embarrassed for Chloe to see him detach it, but hiding how he felt about it. Good stuff. Yet another opportunity wasted.

And I agree that Philip is being destroyed. Days has a tendency to dumb down their men. Philip should be smart. He should be a natural strategist, understanding risk and always on his guard. He should have major emotional trauma in the love department and be full of mistrust and not able to connect with anyone. There is so much from his past that should be guiding his present life...but none of it is there.

I know Philip's not the only one this has happened to, but he's the character I care about the most so it bothers me the most. :)
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