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Jun 24 2009, 09:24 PM
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Quoting limited to 3 levels deepdoes
It was not simply morale. Once Ed came in, actors had opportunities for second takes and received Director's notes on their performances between takes.

Here is how SN described the situation prior to Scott:
Early on, a producer told Mary Beth and me that there would be no more second takes for acting. One day, I stood in the booth soon after that and watched two actors in a highly emotional scene do five takes because the producer thought he saw a boom shadow, which no one could identify. Five takes for a phantom boom shadow! If the acting had been off, they would have moved on. Another actor reported that this same producer had told him that he did not care so much about the acting and that the audience would understand enough about the story by simply hearing the words. Can you imagine?

There were a few actors who I could not tolerate prior to Scott but I found them tolerable after he came on.

I am not saying that Tomlin is not doing these things. I hope he is. I am just pointing out that Scott did a lot more than cause some psychological change in the cast. And it was certainly not catering to the actors' whims. I got the impression (not only from Ed's interview above but also from comments from other actors) that a few of the actors who tended to not be prepared were whipped into shape as Ed demanded that they be more prepared.

I get that but they shouldn't need ED for that. They should be doing that even without him. It's almost like saying these actors are children and that they only react to certain people. It shouldn't be that way.

Tomlin has been in the business for awhile. He did very well at OLTL. He oversaw their live week so I think he can cause the same impact among the actors that Scott did, that is if the actors cooperate.
How can they do second takes and director's notes on their own?

As for preparation - I agree they should be prepared on their own. But the person at the top sets the culture and expectations. And he or she should be making sure that the actors were (1) doing their job by being prepared and (2) working with them so they can help give their best performance. Allowing second takes and giving notes is not a sign that the actors are being coddled, it is the minimum expectation in every other venue outside of daytime soap operas. It makes the actors work more and, presumably, to work better. It was disgraceful that for so long that the actors were allowed to just wing it like that. Although MBE and SN always ran their lines together in advance, MBE talked about how it was sometimes hard to get some of the other actors to be willing to do so. She mentioned that the show had designated an intern or the like who helped take care of the coffee to also be availalbe to run lines. LOL
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