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Jun 24 2009, 09:45 PM
I used to love Ed Scott but I can't stand him now and part of it has to do with him being worshiped as some kind of martyr.
Didn't you tell me in the American Idol thread that I shouldn't dislike Adam Lambert for this same exact reason? LoL You were like, "I know you don't like all the praise he gets, but you shouldn't hold that against him. It's not fair."
That's different.

Did Adam Lambert break any rules? No. Ed Scott did. What he did was underhanded and very disrespectful and what makes it worse is he has been in this industry for long enough to know what can and can't be done. He came off like a moron. The show was already being watched because of getting rid of Hogan and co and the whole scab scandal so him doing what he did at that time was just stupid. The chances of getting caught were way too high.

He had options. Go to Sony, who put him in the co-EP seat at Days. They wanted him there. They forced Corday to bring him on. Sony would've listened to him and pushed Corday to get rid of Higley. He could've went to the press and put pressure on Corday and then if he got fired because of that, I would've appreciated him more because that would've been a heroic move. What he did was horrible and over time I've just grown to hate him. It's hard for me to hate anyone but he's brought me to that point and so has the reactions to what happened.
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