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I think itīs not so simple. I really donīt care about the real actorīs age. JKJ certainly doesnīt look like he is already in his 30 and Phillip is written as much younger as well. Honestly, I cannot imagine him in the same age group as Lucas, Sami, Chloe or Daniel. Years ago, when he was fighting about Claire and had the affair with Belle yes, but not anymore. From the moment Higley came on he is written as a young playboy, free, rich and enjoying the life. Dating younger beautifull girls is the most natural thing he could do.

The age thing is relative as well. Molly and SH are almost the same age in RL. And DAYS past is full of young girl/old men relationship which are legendary now. Itīs all about the chemistry. Iīm not expecting Phillip and Mel to end together but nothing is easier for the writers than to age Mel especially if the actress is older in RL as well. They did the same with Jennifer. She started college in 1988, yet in 1990 she was already in drinking age and she went from part time job at Spectator to full time job at television with no explanation. Her graduation was never even mentioned.

As for Mel and Phillip, they are hated here. But there are other boards where they have huge following. Heck, even the Brady/Mel group is growing. Obviously, we will never agree here but I think Molly really has something uniq which makes all the men around her came to life and react. I donīt see the "No, we wonīt" group become louder and louder, I see the exact opposite. And the show has to see it as well because otherwise they would drop it months ago. No matter how ridiculous theories people at DC and Nelson makes about Molly and the reason she is on the show, I seriously doubt TPTB would invest so much into her if the viewers polls came back majorly negative.

And the last thing, this is not a teen story. Nobody in it is written as teen or considered to be teen anymore. Mia, Will and Chad are teens. Phillip, Mel, Steph and Nathan are all young adults, starting their job or building their carreers. Nobody forces JKJ to hang around his locker room wearing Salem High basketball T-shirt and sneaking into girls shower room with Nathan. I donīt see why should JKJ mind. Heck, he may be dating SH in real life so why he should be against it in Salem.

Hi! I'm new here and just happened upon this site while googling Days. I just was reading where a lot of you guys are saying Philip's character should be around 30 and disagree. My Grandmother, Mom, and sisters (they're 12 and 14 years older than me) watched Days as long as I can remember and I used to HATE it growing up. I started watching it in high school and Philip, Chloe, Mimi, Shawn, and Belle were in high school also and I always thought it was cool that I had a group to relate to on the show. I graduated in 2003 and I think their "class" had graduated the year before so that'd be them about a year older. I recently turned 24 so how could Philip be almost 30?
Mainly because the show decided last year Shelle had a high school reunion 2 years ago. There are no 5 year HS reunions so it must have been 10. SORASing doesn't stop once the character is out of high school, and to make it believable that Philip is where he is now, he MUST be closer to 30 then 20.
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