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Hi! I'm new here and just happened upon this site while googling Days. I just was reading where a lot of you guys are saying Philip's character should be around 30 and disagree. My Grandmother, Mom, and sisters (they're 12 and 14 years older than me) watched Days as long as I can remember and I used to HATE it growing up. I started watching it in high school and Philip, Chloe, Mimi, Shawn, and Belle were in high school also and I always thought it was cool that I had a group to relate to on the show. I graduated in 2003 and I think their "class" had graduated the year before so that'd be them about a year older. I recently turned 24 so how could Philip be almost 30?[/quote]Mainly because the show decided last year Shelle had a high school reunion 2 years ago. There are no 5 year HS reunions so it must have been 10. SORASing doesn't stop once the character is out of high school, and to make it believable that Philip is where he is now, he MUST be closer to 30 then 20.[/quote]This may be a dumb question, what's Shelle? My class had a 5 year reunion. They're pretty common actually.

I just pulled this up...according to it Philip was born in 1995. I guess they do age quickly. haha
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