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Jun 25 2009, 09:03 AM

As for why Kenny fired him if Ed didn't do anything wrong, maybe it was because he just decided to side with Dena in the power struggle. Or maybe Dena's accusations just stirred up enough trouble, even if they weren't entirely accurate, that it was easier to get rid of Ed Scott. I don't know. But, neither does anyone else, not for sure anyway. At least not anyone willing to name actual names or anything.

Assuming Corday had to choose between Scott and Dena, I envision several factors that would make it preferable for him to get rid of Scott rather than Higley. First, Dena had already shown herself to be willing to complain to the WGA. Corday was obviously part of the scabbing process that occurred. I could see him figuring that it would be better if he and Dena stayed on the same side - or maybe he felt some loyalty to her because he enticed her to scab. Second, it seemed like Days was already digging the bottom of the barrel for headwriters and Days had already undergone major regime changes in headwriters. So in Corday's mind it may have just been an easier process to get a new producer rather than a headwriter.

Given that there are factors that might cause Corday to choose Dena over Ed other than simply Ed's alleged culpability, I never drew the conclusion that Corday fired Ed because Ed did something shady. JMO
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