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^Fair enough, esp13.

I didn't mean to beat a dead horse. I guess we will agree to disagree because while I'm an advocate for the whole "innocent until proven guilty" ideal, I think there is plenty of evidence out there and it's not really all based on speculation. I guess it's hard for me to understand your position when you base it on what you base it on. I understand where your coming from and I could understand if you chose to believe that there was more to the story and if you felt it wasn't as ugly as it seemed. Those reasons I can buy but I guess the whole idea that there isn't enough out there to support the claim that he did something shady is something that I, personally, just can't wrap my mind around. Maybe I put more stock in internet sites and in posters with sources and such then you do and perhaps that is where we differ.

There I go beating a head horse again LOL. Sorry. I'm done now, unless you bring up another interesting point or something.
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