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Jun 25 2009, 05:20 PM
Well, I loved it (specifically May 2007-February 2008) the first time around, and seeing the crap the show is currently churning out just makes me appreciate it all the more.
Oh, no doubt it was better then than it is now. It just wasn't the ultra-realistic, family-based '70s/'80s fantasia it was supposed to be. I remember when it was first announced that Sheffer would be the new HW, and that Days would be "unrecognizable" (in a good way). When Scott was hired, the same was said. I know that was totally unreasonable to expect, but hey.... I didn't expect Touch the Sky/sorority serial rapist/dull, retconning vendetta story, either. Too much of it was still repetitive and silly. FtR, I was able to watch until the JER-ish constant flashbacks, fakeouts, fantasies, and increasingly repeated conversations returned with Gary Tomlin.

January (I think)/February '08 had some really solid episodes. Probably the best since whenever.
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