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Jun 25 2009, 09:33 AM
To me Philip was never more pussified when he was married to Belle. He turned a blind eye to everything she did even cheating with his nephew. But I don't see Philip's love for stephanie as any different from any love in the past. When he's dating or in love with a woman he's instantly loyal. He never strays or cheats. It's when he is burned by that love he becomes the playboy and dates multiple girls. I love Philip's relationship with Stephanie because this is the first relationship to me where he doesn't have to worry about another man in the way. With Belle and Chloe they were in love with Shawn and Brady more. I felt that hurt his character when he chased behind them blindly when it was obvious they loved his nephews more. Sure Stephanie and him have problems no relationship is perfect. He doesn't have to doubt if she really loves him or worry about another man in the picture.
I hated Philip with Belle too. As far as him being a playboy dating multiple women after he's been burned . . . when was that? I don't recall him ever dating multiple women. The closest he came to that was when he was FWB with Chloe while using Morgan. Then when Chloe broke it off with him he stayed with Morgan and they were building that "romance," which I hated, until KR got fired.

You like Philip and Stephanie, which is fine. However, I have to say I don't get the point that "at least Philip doesn't have to worry about another man." That doesn't strike me as a huge point in Stephanie's favor. The problem for me is that (1) JKJ and SH have no romantic or sexual chemistry in my eyes, which I acknowledge is completely subjective but, less subjectively (2) Stephanie is extremely underwritten. She simply isn't interesting at all, which is a shame because she absolutely could be. I want better for Philip--shit, I want better for Stephanie--than a bland sugar cookie whose strongest asset is that she isn't in love with someone else.
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