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Jun 26 2009, 02:14 PM
No surprise here. Just glad it's moving along.

I'm going to make somewhat of a prediction. The truth comes out. Lucas disowns Kate. Victor helps Kate get away with it somehow or maybe they will explain that Kate had a bad reaction to some of the drugs during her treatment or something. Chloe and Daniel reunite and leave Salem before both actors' contracts are up. Lucas is kept around at least until February when his contract is up. Whether he leaves or not is anyone's guess. Kate is kept around if he is kept around since we know she has no purpose other then to screw around with Lucas and his love life.
You know I usually agree with you, but I would really like to know where you get the idea Chloe and Dan will be written out anytime soon. Because I certainly donīt get any vibe like that from screen. Nadia and Shawn became pretty popular together. And they certainly play the sexualy charged couple well. From the amount of flashbacks and fantasies they constantly get I think TPTB considers them to be fairly popular and certainly an eye candy for the potentional new audience.

As for Lucas, I think Brian is similar case with Darin. He is the funny guy at studio everybody likes so no matter if he is needed or not he somewhat always survives.

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