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Jun 26 2009, 07:31 PM
What I meant about Philip not having to worry about another man is him not having to play second fiddle. To me Philip has alot going for him. It's ridiculous that he always has to play second fiddle in a triangle. He comes off as wimpy and needy to me when he was in the triangles in the past. I like he should not play second fiddle. With Stephanie he has someone that truly loves him.

I agree that he shouldn't have to play second fiddle; the problem for me is he hasn't sparked with anyone who had a clean slate with him, i.e., Morgan, Stephanie or Melanie. And again, that for me has a lot to do with age difference/life experience issues. I would enjoy seeing him tested with Arianna, because she's closer to his age and she strikes me as feisty and as someone who would legitimately have some class issues with Philip but might dig the advantages of a top shelf lifestyle. But again, for me it really comes down to not liking Philip when he's paired with someone he doesn't--for me--click with (and I actually like Shelley and I feel like the character of Stephanie has potential if they'd just write her a story). So right now, I don't FF when Philip's on but I can't even make myself pay attention. I have tried and tried, but I can't make myself interested in him and Stephanie. I vastly prefer Philip and Stephanie to Philip and Melanie, but I really would rather Philip be single than be with either. Which is a shame, because at one point I really was hoping they would try out Philip and Stephanie. They did, and for me, it just doesn't work. Which, needless to say, doesn't mean you can't enjoy them!
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