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Well, I have seen the Housewives series since the beginning and Atlanta is the better of them all because the ladies aren't related and they love the camera!

Th OC gals are.....they need to get younger blood! Botox and boobs arent enough.

NYC is good, but that Kelly girl is not interesting AT ALL! Then the other girls don't have major conflicts...too chummy now. Kelly's the obvious 5th wheel and would be good if she wasn't in PLUTO?!

NJ was good with the whole book this coming out. I agree that everything's too secretive around the Manzos. I hope Dina and Caroline do quit. I like Jaqueline and Danielle. Theresa could also do those stage mom shows on TLC!

Does Andy Cohen thinks he's some lawyer thats cross examining his defendants? I swear he was harsh....making even Caroline cry....but still never really gave us the whole story!

I'm looking forward to Atlanta. I like Sheree and her ego. I want to see her go on dates!
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