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I think the promo is brilliant.

As boring as Rafe may be, it was genius to bring Luis (Passions) to Salem (give him a sister who may be paired with Ethan- even better!). The show had a small but stable audience of people who will watch ANYTHING, and ultimately that's the kind of people you want to attract.

Slap together a quick promo of Luis and some blond woman- you can trick people into thinking it's still Passions, and you get those (possibly high) people who will watch whatever you put on-screen. No offense to Passions fans- I was one of you for a good long time- but really...we watched pretty much anything they did.

I think they're making the most of their crappy $2 promo. Where do these things air, anyway? Just YouTube and, y'know, here...when someone posts it directly?
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