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hey everyone! I'm so happy it's summer. Days is on hiatus for the next two weeks. We shot a whole bunch of episodes in advance so that we can take a mini summer break. though I guess we'll be pre-empted by tennis on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Better to know now right, then that crappy moment of turning on your dvr when you get home and finding that you've recorded an hour of news or golf or something. aargh. when I used to record the show - back in the days of making sure your vcr was left on the right channel, I used to have to leave post-it notes on the remote to make sure my brothers didn't screw it up. and I would be SO disappointed when it did get messed up. i remember my younger bro giving me such a hard time about watching Days, and then one day he saw that Carly had married Victor and he said "but i thought he was a bad guy?" and i laughed! that's how addictive Days can be.
Speaking of Carly, i am so excited by the return of Crystal and Wally. I never worked with Wally, I am excited to find out what his story will be. Same goes for Crystal! She is such a talented actress, we are lucky to have her.

I have to thank all the awesome fans who have posted on my twitter account and facebook page about the Baby Grace storyline. It was certainly the most challenging of my career. And as a mom, I felt such a responsibility to play it as real, and true as possible. My mom told me last night she had trouble watching the scenes. Being in the middle of it, (and shooting BL at the same time) I wasn't really able to take note of everyone elses performances while we were filming the scenes. So I was so affected by watching the scenes air. Ari blew me away - every moment so brutal as Nicole realizes what she's done. James reflecting EJ's grief and the DiMera steel, finding both sides of such a complex character. Galen was incredible. This was the first opportunity for me to really see just how talented Galen is - and he totally rocked his scenes. Playing Rafe so strong for Sami,, making her a priority and then revealing how in pain he is in other ways. and it was nice to see the other stories surrounding it. I loved Will and Lucas's scenes... the lumi fan in me loved how Lucas rushed off to make sure Sami was okay. i love when the writers acknowledge the past or family ties characters share. too often on soaps, you find yourself working with the same 3 actors over and over. Which I totally get, but it's really nice to break that up - like the scenes Sami had with Stephanie, they are cousins after all, I love working with Shelley so hopefully there will be more opportunities to play that relationship - I miss Belle, and Marlena! (haha, I don't think Sami misses Carrie.)

I am so excited to have some down time with my kids this week. I'm going hard core to the gym too. Taking advantage of only having one job (still shooting BL right now) to jump ahead in my weight-loss goals! Getting rid of that post-pregnancy belly isn't easy!! As I'm sure so many of you can relate to!!!

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