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Jun 29 2009, 07:08 PM
Nicole Dimera
Jun 29 2009, 06:39 PM
"ROFL I liked this: "This was the first opportunity for me to really see just how talented Galen is."

LOL! Basically to see if he can really act. LOL. I bet if the writers decided to do Lumi again, Ali would be thrilled. I also think she likes Safe so she's fine with them as well obviously she adores Galen.
She is obviously enjoying working with Galen and by extension the Safe storyline but she's consistent with saying that deep down she's a Lumi :lol:

She obviously likes James too but I'm just happy that she does not praise Ejami or that storyline in these blogs as that would be :puke:

I am a Safe fan so I am happy that she loves working with GG. I think it's sweet that she takes all the opportunities she can to praise his work. It's nice. :smile:
She can praise him all she wants,he lacks talent,,she knows it,therefore she pushes his work....no matter what she says,he is a terrible actor..when he speaks,,I hear the teacher from Charlie Brown..wah wah,wahwah, wah,wah.But,then to each his own right? :eyeroll:
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