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Jun 29 2009, 07:38 PM
Jun 29 2009, 07:17 PM
Jun 29 2009, 07:08 PM

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She can praise him all she wants,he lacks talent,,she knows it,therefore she pushes his work....no matter what she says,he is a terrible actor..when he speaks,,I hear the teacher from Charlie Brown..wah wah,wahwah, wah,wah.But,then to each his own right? :eyeroll:
That is right. Ali's opinion of GG is important as he's her current co-star. She obviously adores him and can recognise good acting when she sees it. :cheers: She also loves Lumi and their history. :cheers: Go Ali!
Yeah well the majority of the boards I post do not share her view.I do not see her pimping BD's acting nor James Scott,cause she knows they can do their job and quite well.She is friends with him..that does not mean I have to like HIS acting and I with quite a few people do NOT! As for liking Lumi..so..good for her,,she grew up with BD and Lumi,that does not bother me in the least..what bothers me,is SN and Thaao and DH got the ax,and we are left with this pitiful actor..and Ali Sweeney's "approval"is not going to help him improve the talent as he lacks so if you enjoy subpar acting..have at it..once again..all I hear is Charlie Brown's teacher.....damn he sucks :x
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