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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Do they always have a two-week hiatus for Fourth of July or is this a cost-saving thing? I know she's mentioned hiatuses in the past but can't remember if they were for one week or two weeks usually?

And so it begins! LOL!!

So WHAT begins? :rolleyes: If you are referring to fans of one pairing not liking another pairing and posting as such how can you even say it's begun when it's never even stopped?

Anyway, as for Ali's blog, obviously I'm not a big fan of the Lucas and Sami pairing but even the Lumi fan in ME was glad that Lucas and Sami had a scene after Grace's death given how bizarre it was they didn't have him at the funeral or have Will confront Lucas immediately after finding out he knew about the Grace secret along with Sami and Rafe.

Do any BD fans know what the guarantee was on his latest contract? It seems like the show is really sticking to those guarantees these days and that's really the only way I can explain how little BD was involved in the Grace aftermath or has been involved in the Danloe/Kate saga. Well... the only way I can explain it besides bad writing...
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