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Jun 29 2009, 11:01 PM
The writers know SAFE is hot right now that's why they are focus so much on them and the fanbase is soaring! That's why the promo from week 2 week lately usually focuses on Sami/Rafe. People deny it because they hold a love for a different couple but reality is SAFE is the IT right now and think it's just building more n more. I personally love the couple. I was so tired of the Ej/Lucas/Sami triangle. It needed something fresh and back to romance the way DAYS use to be when it rocked! I think it's heading back to the good ole days, thank goodness someone woke up! I'm ready for the days of SUPERCOUPLES again. Like when JACK/JEN use to be on every other promo. I have a feeling SAFE is gonna take us there. :applause:
I don't hold a love for any of the current couples on the show. You can blah blah all over that if you want to, but it's not going to change my feelings. The promos the last several weeks have not focused just on SAFE. EJAMI have been a big focus, too. I hate all three of them. It's just a crappy promo. If they had put this promo together like this with Bo and Hope, it still would have been crappy. I'd have liked it better only because someone different would have been in it.

And the supercouple writing is gone. It's been gone for years. They don't even write the supercouples as supercouples anymore. They like to have warring fanbases because it keeps people talking (though it pisses people off and alienates fans eventually) and gives them more options with the characters because they are not capable of writing happy couples, and they no longer do adventure stories.
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