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Jun 30 2009, 06:53 AM
Jun 29 2009, 10:53 PM
Jun 29 2009, 10:48 PM
I think Ali, Bry, James, and Galen's acting all rocked. Ali rocked with emotion when Grace was sick and dying. Her emotional scenes were out of this world. I was tearing up the whole time. The scenes that stick out the most to me were with her father and where she lipped the words I'm sorry to Rafe and when she broke down and said her heart would break if she lost Grace. James rocked when he found out Sami was hiding the fact he had a child that died, his facial features were superb and the anger he showed in the funeral were spot on, it made me actually feel sorry for Ej, even after all his character had done. Galen rocked when he was being strong for Sami but broke down when he was talking to Grace about when she crooked her little finger and twisted him all up, OMG I started balling my eyes out! Then when he was at the funeral by himself and was pounding on the stand looking at Grace's picture, screaming in pain. I actually felt the anger in him. I mean come on guys if you say ANY of these actors aren't good actors then you are just kidding yourselves and letting your fanbase loyality blind you. Because they ALL did an outstanding job. That's why Ali has praised each one, not out of friendship but because ALL the actors are GREAT! You can't look at the examples I gave above and honestly say that wasn't good acting, I just wouldn't believe you! :shrug:
Good post and I agree with you. Everyone involved with the baby Grace storyline did outstanding work, which is why Ali took the time to praise each one. She did so in this blog and she has been tweeting about them all along.
Thanks! But exactly ppl are just bias b/c of fanbase loyalty, its terrible they don't get the credit they deserve sometimes. :shame:
"Those who don't know any better and do it, stupid but those who know better and do it anyway, ignorant." A quote from Mr. Gates, hmmm smart man. :applause:
:hail: :hail: Great quote from Mr Gates and great post!
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