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This week's SOW features an interview with Galen Gering.

This week, Rafe realizes that Sami has been looking through his wallet. Sami finds a memorial card with the dates of Emily's birth and death. Gering says that "this is really disappointing to Rafe... if he and Sami can't trust each other, what do they have?"

Gering continues that because of Sami's "bulldoggedness", Rafe realizes he has to tell Sami the truth. Rafe doesn't want to reveal much information to Sami, but he tells Sami that he and Emily were engaged but Emily died on their wedding day.

Sami tells Rafe she'll drop the subject, and then she asks Rafe to move in with her. Gering says that "it's a big step in their relationship", but because Rafe is ready for it, he agrees.

Sami leaves, and Rafe begins moving his things into the apartment. EJ stops by to tell Sami that he's reconsidering the custody suit. EJ sees the boxes everywhere, and as Gering says, "It totally rubs [EJ] the wrong way, and Rafe takes a little enjoyment out of that." Rafe and EJ have a "confrontation", and Rafe tells EJ that "he's putting him on notice regarding Sami, that EJ isn't going to be able to do whatever he wants anymore."

EJ gets angry and leaves, and as Rafe is unpacking, he finds an old newspaper article that says, "Bride-to-be dies under mysterious circumstances". SOW concludes by asking if Sami needs protection from the man who's said he'll protect her...

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